2 November 2016

I have news. Only in the fullness of time will it become apparent if it is good news or bad news. I am leaving CALM and Year of the Male. I have been volunteering here for just over three years however a recent exacerbation of my chronic shoulder pain was a reminder that my current job is unsustainable. So I’m leaving the entirely sustainable volunteering that I enjoy with the hopes that it that the additional free time will help me sort myself out. So today I’m going to be self-indulgent and look back at the things I’ve written about for Year of the Male.

26 October 2016

This week has seen the historic happened. Dead gay and bisexual men who have been convicted of now abolished sexual offences will receive a pardon and those still alive will now get one granted automatically if they apply for it. Currently this only applies to those from England and

19 October 2016

In the modern age we have more ways to look at ourselves than ever before. Mirrors are everywhere and the selfie is so popular that it got its own stick. At the same time pictures of other people, people paid to look good, are everywhere and often digitally enhanced. To live in the now is to have your body constantly compared to the impossible as perfect humans sell us everything from gym

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