24 August 2016

Back in May Healthwatch Blackburn and Darwen published their Blokes Views report. We missed it and so it seems did everyone else. Until last week, that is, when it was picked up by the Men’s Health Forum. The report spoke with “hard to reach” men to find out about

24 August 2016
The yearly fundraiser for CALM in memory of Nelson Patt. Pick between 160km, 80km, and 40km cycle rides with 100% of money raised going direct to CALM. 

For more details see the Tour De Test's website
17 August 2016

In Britain today the maximum penalty for possessing a class A drug for personal use is 7 years in prison and a fine. For an addict that is 7 years in prison because a chemical has changed brain so you need it just to feel normal. We treat addicts as criminals who, through a lack of willpower, have made a mess of themselves and become reprobates. The truth

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