19 October 2016

In the modern age we have more ways to look at ourselves than ever before. Mirrors are everywhere and the selfie is so popular that it got its own stick. At the same time pictures of other people, people paid to look good, are everywhere and often digitally enhanced. To live in the now is to have your body constantly compared to the impossible as perfect humans sell us everything from gym

5 October 2016

Every now and then you have to admit that you are wrong. For me today is one of those days. Recently Lad Bible, known to me as a provider of annoying videos on Facebook, launched a campaign called “U OK M8?” I blocked Lad Bible from appearing on my Facebook wall years ago and with titles like that I wasn’t exactly excited by the campaign or even willing to give it the time of day. As it turns out it is a campaign that is not only worth my time but one that we should all check out.

28 September 2016

Testosterone: the male hormone (that women also have) has been doing the rounds in the news of late. According to some doctors it is

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